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After 13 years in Andover, Limoges Antiques Shop moved to historic downtown Rutland, Vermont.  Just 10 minutes from Killington, 30 minutes from Woodstock and 45 from Quechee Gorge.  You must visit Limoges Antiques Shop while visiting Vermont! Click here for driving directions.

Our new address is:

62 Merchants Row
Rutland VT 05701
(Killington Ski Area)

Until further notice the shop is open by chance or appointment only.  Web site and email sales are available 24/7.




Limoges Antiques Shop specializes in Limoges and fine hand painted decorated antique porcelain:  Limoges Boxes to Vases, Sevres, Paris Porcelain, American Belleek and fine painting on porcelains like KPM.  You will also find fabulous 19th century vitrines, china cabinets, small decorative furniture pieces, porcelain, and estate jewelry.  Limoges Antiques Shop has been called a "porcelain paradise" by the editors of Victoria Magazine. 


Owner Debby DuBay, Ret., USAF, is a member of the Appraisers Association of America, and a USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices) tested appraiser.  (With her professional credentials, Debby is unable to provide verbal appraisals.)  For further information on contracts for official appraisals required for insurance purposes, estate planning, etc., email Debby at  Ms DuBay is a dedicated collector of Limoges and European porcelains, has collected since 1974, and in 1995 used her personal collection to turn her passion into her second profession when she established Limoges Antiques Shop in Andover, Massachusetts.  She has been featured in these books and magazines:  The Business of Bliss, Turn Your Passion into Profits, (as featured on Oprah), Victoria Magazine, Victorian & Romantic Homes Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, TEA A Magazine, the Tea Pot Calendar, Antiquing and Collecting Magazine, and The Glass and Pottery Collector Magazine. (see REVIEWS)


Debby DuBay has written a series of books on collecting Limoges:  Living with Limoges, Antique Limoges at Home, Collecting Hand Painted Limoges Porcelain Boxes to Vases, and The Antique Trader Limoges Price Guide.  She is the contributing editor to the magazine:  The Glass and Pottery Collector, and has co-authored Beatrix Potter Collectibles.  To order any of her books, email Debby at

Living with Limoges has over 1,000 colored photographs, with price guide, and a complete marks section.  It is a best selling book on hand painted Limoges Porcelain, and is the first in Debby DuBay's series on collecting Limoges.  Antique Limoges at Home by Debby DuBay, forward by Mary Frank Gaston, has more than 900 colored photographs, has a listing of French and American factory artists, American factories, and is a price guide with a complete marks section, which includes American Limoges and reproduction marks.  (DuBay considers Antique Limoges at Home her best book for the Limoges connoisseur.)  Collecting Hand Painted Limoges Porcelain Boxes to Vases is a price guide with a complete marks section.  All three books are published by Schiffer, Ltd.  They are a must for the Limoges collector, are beautiful coffee table books, and make a great gift!

The Antique Trader Limoges Price Guide by Debby DuBay, is a paper back price guide with over 800 colored photographs, each with a description and price, and has a complete pictorial marks section.  All of this information and everything you need to know for pricing, buying, selling, and collecting Limoges for $24.99!

Mary Frank Gaston states:  "Debby DuBay's Antique Trader Limoges Price Guide is just that - a comprehensive guide for the Limoges collector."

Purchase The Antique Trader Limoges Price Guide by emailing Debby at

NOTE:  Due to the volume of interest - Ms DuBay is no longer available to do verbal appraisals on the phone or via email.  She is available to do official appraisals ($75.00 per hr/min 4 hrs) by appointment only.  (ALWAYS BUYING!)

Upcoming Events:

  • Greetings from Rutland, VT - Heart of the Green Mountains
    Debby's latest book - after moving to Vermont - is this lovely picture post card book of her town: RUTLAND.  All of the royalties from the sale of this book are going to the Paramount Theater, Rutland Free Library and Historical Society and Rutland Mental Health with a portion of the profits from the sale of this book (in Limoges Antiques Shop) going to the Killington Music Festival.
  • IT'S HERE!  Personalized and autographed copies available.  HELP the Rutland, Vermont community by purchasing the book:  "Greetings From Rutland, VT - Heart of the Green Mountains"
    All of the author's royalties are going to the local community and $10.00 (the total profit from the book) is being donated to those here in need.  Send $25.00 for the book and $5.00 shipping to:
    Limoges Antiques Shop
    62 Merchants Row
    Rutland,  Vermont  05107

Antique Trader Limoges

Debby's best selling books on Limoges porcelain

Antique Trader Limoges

Antique Limoges At Home

Collecting Hand Painted Limoges

Living With Limoges

Beatrix Potter Collectibles

About Limoges porcelain:

Limoges has become the generic name of hard paste porcelain that was produced during the 18th, 19th and into the 20th century in one of the many factories in Limoges, a region of France situated about 250 miles southwest of Paris in the Vienne valley.  Limoges is considered the finest hard paste porcelain in the world because of three very distinct characteristics.  First, the essential ingredients making up the content of Limoges porcelain are all natural ingredients:  feldspar, quartz, and kaolin.  Second, the intense firing process forms a glaze that can not be penetrated and makes Limoges porcelain an exquisite form of translucent pottery.  (The glaze on an antique piece of Limoges over a hundred years old will show no signs of crackling or crazing, and if it has not broken, a piece will look as beautiful as the day it was produced.)  Thirdly, an abundance of the most prestigious and skilled artisans in the world along with the French flair for design and artistic style set the standard for both Europeans and Americans to emulate.  These French artisans created masterpieces out of decorative pieces of art to essential objects for daily use.

A piece of authentic Limoges is identified by one of the approximate four hundred different factory marks.  Turn your piece over and look for the underglaze factory mark.  It is not as simple as the mark stating Limoges or France, and the most common reproduction mark states Limoges China.  After reading my books (Living with Limoges and Antique Limoges at Home), you will learn Limoges is a porcelain and not considered china!  Identification is easy using the marks sections in the back of the books.

In addition, American Limoges is not Limoges hard paste porcelain from the Limoges region in France, but a pottery reproduced in the United States of America during the same time period.  Antique Limoges at Home explains the difference in detail and has a complete French Limoges and American Limoges marks section.

Beautiful pieces of art; hand painted antique Limoges porcelain, specifically the decorative pieces featured in Living with Limoges, are a great investment if purchased correctly!

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